A photo by Hailey Kean.

What is the Community Core Bundle?

The Community Core Bundle allows content developers to create a site and curate their community content independently of other components of the GeoPlatform. The sites are created in the form of a content management system (CMS) which allows community owners to directly curate and modify the content and the message for a given community.

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How do I create my Community?

You can download the Community Core Bundle via our GitHub Repository, which includes a WordPress CMS with a GeoPlatform template and style guide to assist with development and ensure consistency across the GeoPlatform experience. After curating your site and its content, please contact the to deliver your Community Core Bundle. The GeoPlatform Technical Team […]

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Community Core Bundle FAQs

What’s a Community Core Bundle? The Community Core Bundle (CCB) is the starting point for creating specialized content by GeoPlatform partners, such as A-16 NGDA Theme managers and other FGDC-affiliated agencies and communities-of-interest.  Using the CCB,  a Community Content Team (web site designers and subject-matter experts) creates the Community Site payload for hosting within […]

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