Want a Community?

Before starting a community the following information needs to be gathered first. Once finished, send your community request to the GeoPlatform service desk (servicedesk@geoplatform.gov).

  1. Basic “charter” information about the community such as the following:
    • brief background, purpose, scope, goals, and objectives of the new community
    • identify the main stakeholders (community sponsors, stewards, intended audience)
    • preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities,
    • brief description of the function of and key capabilities, services, and features of the community space
    • any unique/novel capabilities envisioned?
    • any special requirements or customizations required?

    With this level of detail, we can update the index of GeoPlatform communities with additional descriptive information. This helps users to find the community space and engage.

  2. A target Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for the Community Space must be specified (https://[your community identifier].geoplatform.gov). Once we have this information we’ll create a sandbox instance for you to begin constructing the site (https://[your community identifier].geoplatform.gov). Please do not include spaces or punctuation characters in your community identifier (subdomain). Refer to further guidance found in the online help (references found below).
  3. A list of community administrators including full name and email address for each. A community administrator is someone who is responsible for creating and customizing the appearance and content of your community space and managing user membership and roles.
  4. A copy of the signed Rules and Behavior agreements from each administrator.

For more information on getting started with your Community, visit these help pages:

Updated on May 19, 2020
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